About My Timetables

My Timetables is a Android app made by qrk. Use this app to manage your own timetables in a simple manner. For every table it shows the first three times, which can be handy to determine which train to catch. With My Timetables you can add your own timetables and add an unlimited amount of (departure) times. Other features are:



1.5 - november 3, 2010
Filter origin and destination, limit shown times by time or amount, order tables in list.

1.3 - august 9, 2010
Fixed crash when deleting times from a table on HTC Hero.

1.2 - august 8, 2010
Added import and export. Select days on which table is visible.

1.0 - july 30, 2010
Initial release: show list of tables in main screen with time to first three times.


Please send feedback and feature requests to mytimetables@qrk.nl. You can also tweet to @qrk_apps

Upcoming features


Download My Timetables from the Android Market.

Download My Timetables (43KB) from this website.